There are few more cherished items that can be found from the Land of the Long White Cloud than a New Zealand necklace bone. Small in stature but significant with meaning among the Maori community, shoppers have an opportunity to source a range of these materials for their own use or to pass over for a gift option. With more sellers entering the market hoping to cater to international buyers, it is worthwhile to look at some helpful strategies that will point clients in the right direction for an affordable New Zealand necklace bone.

1) Recognising The Cultural Significance

While the New Zealand necklace bone might look like a pretty picture for shoppers around the globe, these designs carry valuable cultural significance for the Maori culture. Before European settlement centuries ago, there was no written language for these indigenous communities and these carved items were sacred means of communicating and sharing experiences with their fellow people. Many customers will love to gravitate to these goods based on aesthetics, but that degree of appreciation will help to inform what brand is purchased.

2) Assessing All of the Necklace Styles

The New Zealand necklace bone offers far more than a one-size-fits-all decorative item for consumers around the world. Among the many designs and interpretations that are sourced from Maori culture, shoppers can see the Koru or spiral design, the Matau that showcases the fish hooks, the Manaia – also known as the Guardian, the Pikorua with the twists as well as a selection of contemporary and mixed traditional displays. Over the centuries there have been modern adaptations that will present new options for consumers, but they will all have their origins that help to tell the story of the nation through the Maori tradition.

3) Colour Scheme Options

Although the bone displays with these New Zealand designs are predominantly showcased with the white and off white colour schemes, there are some alternative styles that can be enjoyed depending on the supplier. Especially in an industry that sells wood and jade carvings, artists have a habit of developing these bone materials with jade green and rich brown wood aesthetics for a unique development approach.

4) Matching the Ornament With the Necklace

Maori necklace

One of the best ways that consumers can find  value with a New Zealand necklace bone is to ensure that the material with the necklace itself offers enough support for the ornament. The weight of these products can vary and if the material happens to break too easily, then participants will be seeking replacements and repairs before they get to enjoy the asset.

5) Buying Authentically NZ

Given the spread of digital commerce, it is easy for dubious sellers to pass off a New Zealand necklace bone to consumers even though they are not based in the country. We know how important these designs are for Maori culture, so it is fundamental that men and women only deal with outlets that have a connection to those tribal communities. When scouring the market, it is important to assess where the outlet is based to see if they have a footing in the Land of the Long White Cloud.

6) Importing & Courier Costs

Hopefully, there will be online shoppers who do take note of the importance of purchasing a New Zealand necklace bone through authentic local sellers with Maori traditions. This will involve importing and courier costs for overseas clients as they ensure a swift delivery through international providers. When packaging these brands and sourcing them as personal assets or gifts for others, consider what outlets are doing with their price structure as they combine the retail price with delivery.