There are many crystals and gemstones in Australia that are known for their ability to enhance the abilities that are within you. When you are experiencing a time in your life in which you are struggling to believe in yourself, crystals and gemstones in Australia can be an extremely powerful way to help you unlock your natural strength. These are some of the top recommended products that you can buy to channel this confident energy and thrive in your day to day life.

#1 Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is known to bring clarity and communication into your life. It is known as one of the best crystals and gemstones in Australia for opening up your ability to connect with the deepest parts of the self. This is a highly important part of building your inner strength as the understanding of yourself will allow you to take actions in your life that prioritise your wellbeing overall. Trust in your own intuition will ultimately lead to a sense of confidence and security in yourself. Clear quartz is also known to enhance the effects of other crystals and gemstones in Australia, so it is a great product to add to your collection!

#2 Black Tourmaline

Crystals and gemstones Australia

Black tourmaline is a one of the top crystals and gemstones in Australia that is ideal for grounding you. This will help you to gain a clear idea of your needs and assists you in setting intentions for yourself. This stone promotes healing and protection which is a highly important first step when it comes to building your inner strength. Only once you have worked through difficult times in your life can you emerge and move forward with confidence. Crystals and gemstones in Australia like black tourmaline are good products to have by your side as you heal from your past and work towards becoming a stronger person for the future.

#3 Sodalite

Sodalite is one of the top crystals and gemstones in Australia used by artists and creatives to boost their sense of self-worth. Creative blocks are a natural part of the artistic process, however they can be incredibly frustrating and damaging for your self esteem. Sodalite helps you to restore your faith in yourself and overcome obstacles that are inhibiting your confidence. It is also known to help reveal your true feelings and can assist you in starting to do what is best for yourself. The self assurance that this powerful stone grants is why it has become a favourite among crystals and gemstones in Australia.

#4 Green Aventurine

Not only is green aventurine one of the most visually pleasing stones to look at, it is also known as one of the luckiest to have in your collection. Green aventurine is the stone of opportunity and is capable of helping you to reach your full potential no matter what situation you may find yourself in. It is able to help you break out of bad habits and can restore a sense of self assurance within you. The optimism that comes along with this kind of growth will help you emerge with confidence and with a new understanding of the meaning of inner strength. Success and major life changes is just the beginning with this stone. It is one of the most popular of the crystals and gemstones in Australia for these reasons.


These are just some of the amazing crystals and gemstones in Australia that are powerful for creating positive change in your life and reinstilling your confidence in yourself. If you are in need of some enhanced inner strength, simply add one of these stones to your collection.