Searching for tips and tricks around your next quilting projects? There are many great avenues you can tap into for learning new skills, finding your next project or keeping up-to-date with the world of quilting, especially nowadays with the internet so easily available to everyone.

Online quilt magazines

Online quilt magazines are a great avenue for learning new tips and tricks. It’s a great idea to subscribe to online quilt magazines and newsletters as this can be a great way to find new ideas, learn new skills and stay-up-to-date with the latest news and events in the world of quilting. If you’re just starting out in the world of quilting online quilt magazines can be a great resource for learning and if you’re already an avid fan of quilting, then they can be a great place to learn advanced skills or to find new and interesting projects. One of the best things about online quilt magazine is that they are easy to access from anywhere in the world and they are often accompanied by a number of free and easy to access resources. They are also often very affordable because they are not printed and don’t have many of the same overheads as traditional publications. If you’re looking to get into quilting, then you should definitely look into online quilt magazines.

Craft websites and blogs

If you’re a beginner, then you’ll find many free templates and patterns available on craft websites and blogs from people who are passionate about quilting. These can be a great resource for new ideas and to learn new skills but aren’t always suitable for more advanced quilters as they are often pitched towards getting people familiar with the craft and teaching basic skills.

Craft groups and classes

Quilting process: quilt and sewing machine on wooden desk

One of the best places to learn quilting is in a class or by participating in a group. Interacting with other experienced people is a great way to share ideas and learn new skills. Many people are hands on learners so having an instructor or fellow quilter there to demonstrate skills can be very helpful. If you enjoy the social side of craft activities like quilting than this can be a great way to make the most out of the hobby.

Instructional books

Instructional books on the matter can be very helpful and often very comprehensive in teaching both basic and advanced skills. Many instructional books will include images, diagrams and detailed explanation of how to do certain projects and will also include a number of patterns and project ideas to keep you busy.

Online stores and eCommerce shops

Online shops and marketplaces are a great place to find patterns and design options as well as materials and tools. If you’re looking to get into the hobby or purchase exciting fabrics and materials for your next project than the internet is a great place to look.

Social media

Looking online for inspiration can be a great place to find your next quilting project. There are a lot of places to find projects that other quilters have undertaken which can help you to figure out what kinds of things you’d like to try out and practice. To find new inspiration look for quilting related hashtags and groups. These can be a great source for community and finding passionate, likeminded people who are excited to share ideas.

Online quilt magazines, craft groups and classes, eCommerce shops, social media are just a few streams for learning new things about quilting. Look all around you for inspiration as there is plenty of it out there.