Attending a skin cancer clinic Melbourne offers could save your life. Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world and it is estimated that over 60 % of Australians will be diagnosed with some form of skin cancer before 70 years of age. While this may sound depressing, not all forms of skin cancer are incurable and early detection increases the survival rate of skin cancer sufferers.

92 % of Australians who were treated for melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, survived for 5 years in comparison to the general population. Some forms of skin cancer such as Basal Cell Skin Cancer can even be treated with topical ointments or very minor surgery to remove the lesion. Making an appointment at a skin cancer clinic Melbourne provides is nearly a must for most Australians.

What to Expect at a Melbourne Skin Cancer Clinic?

It is not hard to find a skin cancer clinic Melbourne suggests for an entire body scan for carcinoma. A lot of clinics in this thriving capital of Victoria will offer bulk-billing so there is no excuse to forego a check for unusual moles or lesions on your skin. The doctors at any one of numerous dermal clinics around the city will not only check your entire body, but they will also give advice on sun protection and avoiding extreme sunlight, and if needed schedule immediate treatment for diagnosed skin carcinomas.

Discrete service is to be expected at these surgeries and the doctors are all highly qualified skin specialists with registration and credentials to support their expertise. Making an appointment is easily done online or via phone and staff will assign a suitable doctor for you to see.

Skin specialists in Melbourne are trained professionals and most will have dealt with many cases of dermal carcinomas so their examination will be thorough and faultless.

What Happens If I Receive a Skin Cancer Diagnosis?

Dermatologist checking a female patient's skin

The skin cancer clinic Melbourne regards the most respectable as the one that not only provides the best treatment for dermal carcinoma diagnoses, but also the one with medical professionals that offer assurance and a positive outlook. Most skin specialists in Melbourne genuinely care about their clients especially when cancer has been detected. The humanist element in the medical profession is as equal in importance to actual treatment of the skin cancer, as it is in accompanying a patient through treatment.

Acceptance of the diagnosis is the first step in treatment. Your doctor will assure you with the statistics of survival, the options for treatment, and will immediately schedule treatment. Some dermal carcinomas only require the prescription of a medical cream or minor surgical removal of the lesion which can often be performed at the clinic. More serious diagnoses will require immediate scheduling for treatment.

Even melanoma is treatable with radiation or chemotherapy, and possible surgery. Survival rates have been higher now than at any other time in medical history.  

Schedule an Appointment at a Skin Cancer Clinic Immediately

If you haven’t had a skin check-up recently or at all, now is the time to make an appointment at a clinic of your choice. Regardless of age or gender or ethnicity, there are many dermal clinics specializing in carcinoma of the skin around Melbourne, and you are sure to find one that is suitable. As stated above, early detection or prevention means you can beat skin cancer even before it begins. A skin cancer clinic Melbourne highly respects is the first place to start and is your best ally against dermal carcinomas of all differing types.