Businesses that are wanting to take advantage of corporate team building options know that they are best utilised when they are planned ahead.

While they don’t have to be restrictive or entirely coordinated, there should be some thought about what programs to use and what will be effective in the short to long-term. 

Let us outline some strategies that managers can use when overseeing corporate team building activities. 

Explore Diverse Building Activities 

One of the methods that business practitioners can use when looking to plan corporate team building activities will be to explore all manner of programs and styles that have been used in previous settings. These endeavours can be broken down into categories depending on the objective, from bonding sessions to problem-solving ventures, improving communication, breaking the ice or facilitating creative thinking. It can span everything from sports to board games, trivia, puzzles, virtual escape rooms and far more. If managers are equipped with a wide array of options, then they will never be short on solutions depending on the circumstance. 

Don’t Impose Strict Rules or Constraints 

An issue that some businesses have had before with corporate team building programs is that some participants have a habit of micromanaging the entire affair. If it is something that has to be mandatory, set at a certain time and run in a certain fashion, it can create tensions and stumbling blocks for progress. Building teams and creating rapport amongst professionals is about opening up pathways and being adaptable to different circumstances, something that is rarely achieved when there are strict limitations imposed on these settings. 

Include Staff With Planning & Give Them Ownership 

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Commercial managers who want to get the maximum out of their team members won’t make calls on these programs in isolation. They will have staff at the table to talk about these considerations, what kind of styles they are looking to use and the objectives they are intended to achieve. If participants at ground level feel as though they have ownership over the process, they are far more likely to get the maximum amount of value out of it as opposed to a protocol that is enforced on them. 

Think About Remote Participants 

If there are enterprises that send employees to remote locations, they could ordinarily be left out of something as interesting as corporate team building activities. The benefit of running these kinds of ventures in 2022 and beyond is that there is access to digital technologies that are far more inclusive. Video conference sessions via smart phones, desktops, tablets and laptops opens up an entire new world of possibilities, especially in the virtual space. 

Mix & Match Games & Group Dynamics 

Even if outlets believe they have found the right formula with corporate team building programs, it is beneficial to mix and match the activities up. Once they become predictable and stale, participants start to lose interest. Given the need to create stronger team dynamics, it is also beneficial to plan different group composition, something that is ideal for larger outlets that have different departments getting involved. 

Keep Fun as The Focus 

Attempting to plan corporate team building options can be stressful for those who are tasked with overseeing the project. However, it is important to recognise that they are designed for fun. They are a mental health release and an opportunity to break from monotonous work responsibilities that build rapport between people. If this is one of the key themes that remains throughout the process, then individuals won’t need to carry that same level of anxiety about what they are and why they work.