What can the MYOB Greentree model provide that other software competitors struggle with? 

There is no doubt that this is a supplier that sets the standard across the board, helping industries to get more out of their resources, reducing human error and ensuring that they are realising their potential along the journey. 

Operators that gravitate to this package within the MYOB brand will see that they have quality outcomes from the decision. 

First-Class Financial Operation 

Any professional who works in accounts will recognise what the MYOB Greentree model can deliver when compared to other software systems in the same industry. From overseeing simple payroll duties to managing cashflow, running forecasts, accepting transactions at a quicker rate and beyond, this is a financial framework that remains the market leader. If there are organisations that believe they have shortfalls and stumbling blocks on this front, then they are looking out for their own interests to make this kind of investment. 

Outstanding Commercial Features 

It is very easy to see the MYOB Greentree model purely through the prism of accounting and finance, but there are many other tools that are within this arsenal that deserve greater attention. This can be found through business process management (BPM) functions, active workflow protocols that help managers to monitor team progress while job approvals and user alerts add another layer of expertise to the brand. The challenge that many clients have is getting a grasp of all of the tools rather than grasping for solutions. 

Program Automation 

In 2022, one of the greatest issues that organisations face across industry will be the labour force needing to manually implement data. While this has been business as usual for many companies, the MYOB Greentree model fast tracks automation. From automatically sending reports to scanning documents, sending invoices, reminders and beyond, this will be a system that is run in accordance with the demands of the enterprise and can be adapted and changed at any time to suit varying conditions. 

Smooth Model Integration 

A concern that some community members might have about switching to a MYOB Greentree model or introducing it from the cold is the logistics of the implementation. It might look good on paper, but how will it work in a very practical sense? Thankfully this is a design that offers smooth integration through a universal language, standard interface connection and no interference from sub models that could otherwise complicate the matter. It is made to be user-friendly from the outset. 

Quality Customer Service Support 

Getting up to speed on the MYOB Greentree model won’t always be so simple, especially if there are constituents who don’t have a point of reference with this kind of software implementation before, but they won’t be left short in this regard. The MYOB brand is a market leader when it comes to client support. If there are training protocols needed to run or questions and queries to be asked, there will be representatives who are available online or via phone consultations to ensure that they are improving their own IP and running the program as efficiently as possible. 

Participants that already have an existing suite with the brand will find the MYOB Greentree model even easier and more enjoyable to use given the synchronicity of applications and features, but there won’t be a business that struggles to gain traction from this investment. It is beneficial to have a test run and see the program in action before pushing forward, but as soon as owners and managers realise the level of upgrade they have at their disposal, the decision is quite straightforward.