As a shop owner offering the local community coffee, tea and meals for their pleasure, there is a lot to consider on a day-to-day basis.

From seating arrangements and staff benefits to outdoor settings and purchasing wholesale supply of foods, the decisions that are made on the margins can make a big difference at the end of the day.

One of those marginal calls will be the profile of café blinds that are purchased.

Whilst they are not a significant consideration on the surface, this is an item that will affect the light exposure, the temperature of the space, the aesthetic of the premises and the overall culture and vibe that is established in the environment.

Here we will examine some key tips to allow owners to make an educated judgment on what brand will suit their space the best.


Best Quality Materials

Shop owners who are scouring the market for café blinds will have a number of different priorities depending on their circumstances and their tastes. Yet if you want a product that truly ticks all of the boxes, the best approach to take first up is to invest in the best quality material that is evident on the open marketplace. There are metal designs that stand out and can withstand strong outside winds, or wooden and faux wood items that fit into a lovely natural décor for outlets in the suburbs or in a rural community. For those that want a flexible and durable asset that will require little conditioning or maintenance, it is wise to opt for a high quality PVC blind. This synthetic plastic is used for a variety of applications, but it is perfect for those owners that want coverage that won’t be compromised.


Practical Function For The User

From automated roller café blinds to manual flick models that require intervention from the user, there are different ends of the spectrum when it comes to the practical function of the product. For establishments that are bustling with activity where the location of the blind to the window makes it difficult to alter, this is where a user-friendly or automated item can be of use. If staff continually have to bypass customers and interfere with their experience inside the café, that is a recipe for disaster. Make a judgment on the vicinity and consider what is practical.


Climate Control


On the subject of practicality, it is important to shop for café blinds that will allow the establishment to manage the temperature and lighting inside the space. Avoiding morning or afternoon glare is paramount, particularly for those shops that are situated right where the sun enters front on from the doors. If the store is guarded by windows from all angles where the glare is all encompassing, then there will be a need to leverage that light and the heat that emanates from that exposure without overbearing the room. Using open shades or slats to maneuvering the covering can give the owner complete control – allowing some warmth in the morning and trapping it for the remainder of the day.


Available Cash From The Budget

We have identified high quality PVC café blinds as an item that is likely to be the most durable, but it also happens to be one of the most affordable options in the market. For those establishments in the inner cities or wealthy communities where prestige and presentation is a major priority, then faux wood or metal could be seen as a quality return on investment to bring in that clientele. However, for those businesses that are carefully managing their financial affairs and are under pressure from rental costs and escalating fees, then synthetic plastic café blinds could deliver bang for very little buck.