Home and business owners are continuing to opt for custom made furniture and avoiding a scenario where retail outlets are dictating what products you should be able to buy.

From the type of material to the size, weight and aesthetic of the item, shoppers are empowering themselves to craft designs that are suited to their tastes and their unique environment.

As the client though, there are some pertinent questions to ask a manufacturer who can deliver the goods, ensuring that you are protected and informed about their practice and expertise ahead of time.


What Items Can You Customize?

Before you proceed with any other talking points, it is vital that the client asks the manufacturer of the custom made furniture what is possible and what is off limits. The designer should be able to offer a wide range of services, but they will often promote themselves as specialists within the niche. Try and see where their boundaries are set, from sofas and lounges to modular seating, benches, coffee tables, chairs, cabinets, bookcases, shelving or other elements that will add value to the home or office. If you are pleased with their results, it is worthwhile using their business again to craft and shape other pieces that can be optimized.


Can You Offer a Blueprint and Fabric Swatch?

The more information that you have as the client ahead of time, the less anxiety and doubt will creep in as you look to purchase quality custom made furniture. To help alleviate stress regarding this concern, it is worthwhile obtaining a blueprint for the actual design complete with the requisite dimensions to ensure that the fitting is appropriate. Once this benchmark has been checked off the list, the next stage is to receive a fabric swatch, a sample that gives clients a tangible touch and feel for the leather, linen, wool, silk, polyster, cotton or synthetic material.


What Is Your Development Timeframe?


As the client, you should already have your own timetable to integrate custom made furniture into a living room, bedroom or space of your own choosing. Yet these items cannot be crafted at the flick of a switch as it will require careful diligence and expertise to have the product shaped to fit the environment. See what the expected development time will be and ensure they will not work well beyond what your expectations are.


How Much Will This Cost?

The budget is a central concern for clients who often doubt the credentials of custom made furniture designers who extend projects and include too many costs. Source an agreement that stipulates what the budget for the creation will be to protect the investment from blowing out of control.


Will These Items Require Additional Conditioning and Maintenance?

The care and consideration for the quality of the custom made furniture should not stop on the moment of delivery. For a number of hand crafted products, it might be a need degree of polishing, waxing, mending or cleaning to keep its conditioning standards up to scratch. This will give it added value and durability.



The fact of the matter is not every manufacturer who designs custom made furniture will be forthcoming with all of these details. Whether they do not have the time and resources to meet these customer service requests or they are seeking not to disclose information that reflects poorly on their business, you always have the option of taking your money elsewhere. Any changes and alterations will require labour and that could be an additional investment that comes with the investment. Decide upon your budget, know what the purpose of the product is and ensure that you can enjoy an open dialogue with the provider, because those elements together should deliver the best results.