There are so many ways to mix and match colour styles to accentuate or illuminate a particular item of clothing or fashion accessory. From the classic little black bag from Glomesh to the right pair of dazzling Carolina Herrera shoes, there’s something exciting about building a wonderfully decadent palate with the challenge of bringing out a new look.

Finding the right palate is all about experimentation, after all, the factors of design, material and pattern have to be brought into the equation. For those who are looking to bolden their overall style, it’s tempting to go with pure complementary palates, whereas others want to ensure that a particular shade of their style pops out and stands above the others. For those who have splurged on a gold wallet or are considering one and don’t want it washed away in a sea of complementary colours and patterns, try the following.

Lady in Red

With splurges of royalty and regal classicism, the mixture of a gold wallet with any shade of rose, pink or maroon will indelibly turn heads and start rumours in all the best ways. Harkening back to the regal days of a reddened banquet hall and bronzed details, the utilisation of a spangled accessory with a red or deep marron ensemble has been popularly picked up by wedding designers and planners around the world.

Sometimes, simplicity is best, one recommendation for getting your gold wallet to pop against the canvas is to use the shade sparingly, letting red dominate the overall look from the lipstick to the shoes and emphasizing a sense of exclamation and confidence with a shimmering gold wallet on the side.

Deep Blue Hues

The colour combination that’s typically associated with the winner’s circle. If you’re looking for a way to make the little gold wallet of yours pop out, look no further. While not all shades of blue are recommended, a midnight blue hue combined with the shimmering beauty of a prim gold wallet will assuredly start a style trend that can capture the essence of the evening.

Black Ensemble

Three woman holding elegant wallets

There’s an old saying that stipulates that black goes with anything, and it has held up remarkably well throughout history. The black and steely styles are the perfect partner for a classic and robust gold wallet, especially if you’re looking for ways to make it pop. This particular combination of colours has been around since the dawn of fashion, often associating themselves with a New York or Paris vibe.

Made famous by fashionistas of yesteryear, a simple and elegant black evening gown simmering with a gold wallet is the combination that will never go out of style.

Finding The Best Gold Wallet

Mixing and matching the palates to your liking is half the battle, you first need to find yourself the gold wallet of your dreams and there are many different fashion companies in the country and beyond that have their own variation son the classic accessory.

There’s no simple trick to finding the best, it’s a matter of style and taste on your part. There’re many retailer across the cities of Australia that have an incredible and eclectic run of creativity and ambient beauty in their designs. Smaller boutique outlets often have fashion shows to give their products a chance to shine under the spotlight. It’s highly recommended to have a look for yourself, try a few combinations and see which one accentuates your inner glow.

There’s no telling where fashion will go from here, but it is safe to say that there’ll always be a spot for our little gold wallet.