It is a time of resignations, all around the world people are realising that they really aren’t happy in a middle management dead-end career in an office and are pursuing their dreams and aspirations. There are many aspiring beauticians out there that have dropped their day jobs and elected to take a lash course, or a hairdressing apprenticeship to fulfill their lifelong desire of being paid to do what they actually enjoy doing. It’s a strange and turbulent shakeup that the world is undergoing, and we are all for it.

If you’ve been thinking about upping your own beauty game, or simply want to take part in the great resignation and get into a career that you enjoy participating in, a lash course could be just what the beautician ordered. There is the matter of being properly certified however that alludes a lot of budding entrepreneurial types, even in the beauty world there are certifications and accreditations that are typically required to set up shop or even a home business.

After all, you can’t simply set up a stall in Westfield without proper training and expect customers to fly on in without a second’s notice. This article will go over the ins and outs of a lash course and allow you to finally buy that ticket out of reductive everyday blandness.

Finding A Lash Course That Suits You

Lash course

The first step on your road to becoming your own boss is to find the lash course that will suit you the best. There are a lot of quality classes out there that have a comprehensive coverage of everything related to the beauty industry – from beginner to expert. The more niche focuses like a lash course will certainly have their own avenue of approach unto themselves.

The smart money would be to research the aspects of the industry that speak to you the most, for those interested in a lash course, there are several online and boutique classes that offer the ins and outs of eyelashes and the entire eye area for a solid price.

Once you’ve decided whether or not you’ll be partaking in person or online, its time to begin your journey. A lot of these classes run for several weeks, with intermittent testing and practical examinations peppered throughout to assure progression is being observed. At the end of the class you’ll likely be invited to continue your studies, or even apply to be an assistant to an established artist to practice and perfect your art.

After Your Lash Course

For those who elect to dive straight into their own ambition at the conclusion of the class, there is always opportunity awaiting thanks to the advent of online directories and eCommerce platforms.

After being certified, you can always look to create your boutique outlet in a populous area and hope for the best in terms of marketing and walk-ins. However, more people are electing to utilise the skills they’ve learned in their lash course to enter the 21st century style of selling their wares – through the gig economy websites like Fiverr.

Setting up your own home business or traveling beautician account is even easier when you have the completed lash course accreditation ready to go and a good idea of your marketing approach.  


In the end, there are many ways you can utilise your lash course and quit the soul-destroying job you’re dreading going to tomorrow. With a little passion, some perseverance, and some gorgeous ideas – you’ll be well on your way to the dream vocation you’re missing out on.