When local operators are surveyed about their experience with MYOB Advanced, the responses are overwhelmingly positive.

Especially when compared to outdated software models, this is a chance to take the brand to the next level.

Greater Levels of Management Control

For local operators to truly venture forward with their commercial objectives, they need to utilise technology that gives them critical information in real-time. No matter at what end of the supply chain they are based, it is critical that they obtain and comprehend complex data that can be communicated and forecast. This is what the MYOB Advanced application provides for constituents, offering participants the tools for quicker decision making without suffering from continual backlogs and logistics frustrations.

Applicable to Various Industries

One of the key selling points that is showcased by MYOB Advanced is the sheer range of industries that use this system. With a customisable interface that adapts to the client’s requirements, this is a design that works across the commercial sector for operators big and small. This will include distribution, financial services, retail, construction, manufacturing, trading, IT, wholesaling, engineering, non profit and agriculture among many more.

User Friendly Design

Thankfully those participants who are granted access to MYOB Advanced don’t need to be operating at a level that is beyond their comprehension. With a range of tutorials and guides alongside quality customer service access, individuals across all departments have an opportunity to utilise a user-friendly design. It is a major benefit for those enterprises who are concerned about the integration of the platform and how long it will take the organisation to feel comfortable with the utility.

Productivity Boost

The use of automated processes and streamlining systems through MYOB Advanced gives commercial clients the chance to make improvements with their productivity. Instead of being backlogged and suffering from human error faults, this is an initiative that follows through on calculated structures from end-to-end. No longer do local operators have to live with these logistical procedures because they have an asset that allows them to bypass those concerns.

Financial Savings

If there is any reason why local operators fall in love with the use of MYOB Advanced, it can be found with the balance sheet. Those costs that continue to be paid for errors and for operational labour can be saved. From the purchase and storing of materials to the deals established with freight couriers and the distribution networks that have been implemented, now practitioners have the chance to examine those frameworks fairly and objectively. It is a process that only improves the bottom line for enterprises at a local level.

Greater Data Access

The Advanced program from MYOB empowers participants to source analysis reporting, data notes, report tracking, process ordering, client management and financial forecasting. No matter where they are in the world, the mobile function gives anyone from anywhere in the world a chance to assess this information in real time and communicate with their department officials. It is a feature that opens up an entire world of opportunity for specialists who are regularly on the go and not in a stationary position.

Cloud Compatible

The ability for MYOB Advanced to be integrated into the cloud allows clients to increase their storage capacity and to leverage superior security measures. Attacks on the server can irreparably damage the viability of a business, providing an opportunity for constituents to protect their sensitive data without compromising onset controls. Slow servers lead to slow business processes and with the aid of MYOB Advanced and the cloud, the enterprise becomes quick, adaptable and ready to pounce on commercial opportunity.