Bongs have been used for a wide range of recreational activities but now they are getting medicinal use as well. Bongs are the tool people use to smoke different products, be it for fun or any other reason. Their shapes have changed constantly over the years and now you can find them in all sorts of elegant and fancy, expensive and cheap, big and small, and all other different types of shapes and designs. However, as a CBD user, you need to make sure that the bongs you choose are good for effectively delivering the product to your system. Read on to find out how you can find the most effective product for the best price.

How Do Bongs Work?

Before you can figure out how to buy one, you need to know how bongs work. There is a mouthpiece on top with a chamber that leads to the bottom, where you add water. There is another pipe on the side that goes into the water and on top of that pipe is a small bowl where you add the CBD leaves that you want to smoke. You light up the leaves using a lighter and then inhale using the mouthpiece which pulls the smoke from the leaves, passes them through the water, and provides you a clean vapor that you inhale. This process of cooling the smoke helps retain regular breathing and prevents any irritation that the smoke may cause if inhaled directly.

Choosing the Right Bongs


There are quite a few factors involved in making sure that you get the bong that suits your needs the best. Here are some of those things that you must consider for making the right purchase.

  1. Choosing the material: Your first step when choosing bongs is to decide what material you want to get. The most popular is the glass bong which has been used for all kinds of purposes, both legal and illegal. While a smoker could use it for CBD, someone who is only using it for medical reasons could opt for one that can clean out the smoke and even cool it like ice bongs do.
  2. Choosing the size: People have been misunderstanding why different sizes matter when it comes to choosing a bong. There is no evidence to suggest that a bigger-sized bong is better than a smaller one. That is especially true when you consider it from a CBD perspective. Considering your usage scenario, you can decide which one is better. For people administering CBD at home, a larger option may be suitable, but a smaller size would work better if you treat yourself on the go.
  3. Find the right thickness: This factor is mostly relevant to the safety perspective. People who have tried using different thicknesses have found that the perfect thickness of the glass is 5mm to 7mm. It could be different for other materials, though. When getting your CBD leaves, talk to your dealer and ask him what the suitable option would be. They can even sell you something if they have it in their possession. Just be sure to buy something that is not cheap as you could be risking your health by using a cheap option.
  4. Use established dealers only: To make sure you do not get a product that ends up getting you high, it is suggested that you limit your shopping to authorized dealers. This can save you a lot of unnecessary pain, even if you need to pay a few extra bucks!

To conclude the topic, you need to make sure that you buy high-quality products, do not take any risk, and get your treatment done with the right tools.